ADT means American District Telegraph. The ADT home security is an American Company that provides security services to the Residential, Businesses, and corporate structures. We are one of the well-known brands in the services of security. Services they provide are like Fire protection, electronic security for businesses, Residential security, and many other alarm monitoring services. A security that will help you in securing what you value the most in the best ways. To make your life safer and smarter, use the security systems of ADT.

ADT Home Security

We provide customized home security systems. Also, have the equipment that is easy to use and have special features according to the customer’s requirements. Our company has around 140 years of experience in home security systems. The following things that you get in the home security systems are mentioned below:-

  • In the 365-homesecurity, motion detectors are also used to turn on security cameras and lights. It covers almost all the areas in the home. The sensors are very smart to let your kids pass off without switching off.
  • You can be easily armed or disarm that is on/off the system at your fingertips. Also, add the number of devices you want and control them all easily. In the Digital Panel, you can access all the controls in one place.
  • You have the key chain wireless remote from which you can easily get off the home security. Use the off disarm button to disable it. You can easily use it even if your hands are full of things.
  • A message is delivered to you from the ADT security and alarm systems that they are here to secure you and your family.
  • You can add the contact that can enter your home. So, if any other person tries to enter after that you and ADT will get an alert. After the alert, the sensors of the window’s and door’s get triggered and a siren will turn on at high volume.
  • The professionals having experienced in security systems are here to help you out 24/7 hours. Now you know that you are covered so rest peacefully.

Packages of ADT Securities

For 365 Home security, you must go for the ADT; as it is the oldest and trustable company with high monitoring plans and customized packages. It offers to monitor at a professional level which is done 24/7 hours.  In the ADT security, you will get 3 packages that are:-

  • Video package- You can watch each and everything anytime from anywhere. In this package, you will get everything that is in the Control and the Traditional package. You can record and save video clips, security cameras, and live streams from mobile devices.
  • Control package- With the features of the traditional package, you have the benefits of controlling features. It includes the remote arm and the disarm option, customization automation, alarms & schedules, and smart home controls.
  • Traditional package- This is the basic package that you can have in ADT security systems. You get equipment for security monitoring, professional installation, 24/7 monitoring of alarm, and monitor risks of carbon monoxide, fire, and flood.

Features of the ADT Home Security

Many features which are available in the ADT Home automation. The features that you get in this are as follows:-

  • Home Automation- In this, you get a bit more security like voice recognition bio-metric, the mobile app for controlling the lights, alarms and other things. It saves your money and time both.
  • Surveillance Cameras- Using this security feature, you can take care of the place to keep an eye on it. You can also stream the videos live or anytime on your desktop, smartphones, etc.
  • Alerts on Mobile- In the case of wireless security, you can get the alerts from ADT systems and emergency operators on your mobile. The monitoring and remote control is a plus feature to control it from all around the world.
  • Wireless Security- From the ADT, you can get hardwired and wireless security both. The installation of wireless security will not give any marks. It supports the home automation, remote monitoring and controlling.
  • Hard-wired Security- ADT, an international leader in hard-wired security has done millions of security installations. The installation of the hardwired security installation is done professionally.
  • Monitoring 24/7 hours- In every plan, ADT monitoring there is a service of dispatching it to police, medical and fire respondents in every 24 hours. The pendants and bracelets security also work in all places whether you are inside or outside of the house.
  • Remote Control- This feature is worked with the mobile application of ADT or remotes of ADT. Every, ADT remote has 4 buttons that are- LED light, Panic, Disarm, and Arm.
  • Many customized options are available in all the packages.
  • Protection against Environmental risks like Fire, flood, and carbon monoxide monitoring.
  • 6-months money-back guarantee (Terms & Conditions apply).

Products of ADT Home System

The categories of ADT products are as follows:-

Product Categories
Home Security
Entryway Contacts, Motion Detector, Wireless Key chain Remote, Yard signs and window decals, Digital Panel, 24/7 Monitoring.
Home Automation
Smart Door Locks, Smart Light Bulbs, Smart Thermostats, Garage Door Controllers, Video Doorbell Camera, Smart Switchers and Plugs, Smart ADT Mobile App.
Business Security
Monitored Intrusion Detection, Access Control, Smart Security, Fire Monitoring and Protection, Video Surveillance, Video Verification.
Video Surveillance
ADT Video Door Bell Camera, Outdoor Security Cameras, Indoor Security Cameras.
Medical Alert Basic, Medical Alert Plus, On-The-Go.
Monitoring, Video, Fire and Life Safety, Intrusion, Risk assessment and management, Integrated Solutions, Managed Services, Installation, maintenance & Inspections, Analytics & Reporting, Cyber Security, Access Control, E-Suite Account Management, Infrastructure as a Service, ATM/ITM Solutions.

Services for Home Securities by ADT

ADT home security provides you the important services that are tranquility and Security protection to your family and home. You can easily manage it from the palm with the home automation services. Using these services it is easy to manage the home, lifestyle, and security.

The areas where ADT serve their services are New York, Illinois, Alaska, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Indiana, Maine, Hawaii, Maryland, Nevada, New Jersey, Mississippi,  South Dakota, Oregon, Washington, D.C., Texas, Virginia, and many other areas.

Intrusion Protection, wireless or hardwired, Home Automation, Pro-installation, and Emergency Response are the features of security packages. It is the leader for a long time in the market and industry. The team is here for providing the best customer service.

The services you get are:-

  • On-call services
  • Email support
  • Live chat with experts
  • 24/7 hours of service.

Also, the team is happy to serve you the best according to your requirements. You can reach us for customization of packages and more things you need for security.